Take your NFT project to the moon

Boost your NFT project by tapping into years of our team’s expertise. Whether you need development, smart contract, UI/UX, management - we have all the resources needed to boost your project.

Why NFT Booster
is the safe choice?

We operate from within our mothership company, Startup Booster - an established tech firm that boosts big and small companies, such as Microsoft, EquityBee, monday.com, to name a few. The boosting experience and resources we use in our day-to-day affairs of Startup Booster are naturally rolled into the NFT Booster team.

NFT Booster was established under the aspiration for a safer, more honest and reliable NFT space. We realize we probably cannot make the entire NFT ecosystem a hermetically proper environment, but we can definitely harness our skills and abilities to help projects do so.

Our goal is to provide our clients with sustainable, production-ready, reliable technological and design solutions. We bring our top boosting talents in Software Development, Product Management, and UX/UI design together to take your project to the stars.

Smart Tag

Smart Tag is a verification for a project’s security.
A project that adorns this certification:
Is one that is bound to a highly secured contract made by our Tech Lead.
Has been checked to provide true utility to its community
and made by a doxxed and reachable team.
Has been approved by our community DAO, made from our NFT collection holders - Creepy Friends.

The team

Tech lead
Ofer Wolffheim
Head of NFT
Head of UI/UX
Itamar Cohen
Art & Creative
Ayala ‘Naylo’ Sorotsky
Social & Community
More coming soon...

Our projects

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