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Boost your NFT project by tapping into years of our team’s expertise. Whether you need development, smart contract, UI/UX, management - we have all the resources needed to boost your project.

Why NFT Booster
is the safe choice?

We operate from our mothership company, Startup Booster - an established tech firm that boost big and small companies, such as Microsoft, Equity Bee, monday.com, to name a few. The tech experience and resources we use in our day-to-day affairs of Startup Booster is naturally rolled into the NFT Booster team.

NFT Booster team was established under the aspiration for a safer NFT space. We realize we probably cannot make the entire NFT ecosystem a hermetically secured environment, but we can definitely harness our skills and abilities to help other projects do so.

If you choose, and your project is eligible, it may be produced under Smart Tag - a new verification of secured projects we created. You can find out more about Smart Tag below, but know this is not a prerequisite to work with NFT Booster as a whole.

Smart Tag

Smart Tag is a verification for a project’s security.
A project that adorns this certification:
Is one that is bound to a highly secured contract made by our Tech Lead.
Has been checked to provide true utility to its community
and made by a doxxed and reachable team.
Has been approved by our community DAO, made from our NFT collection holders - Creepy Friends.

The team

Tech lead
Ofer Wolffheim
Head of NFT
Elad ‘Lord’ Meidar
Art lead
Art & Creative
Itamar Cohen
Art & Creative
Ayala ‘Naylo’ Sorotsky
Social & Community
More coming soon...

Our projects

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