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Boost your project by tapping into 20+ years of technical brilliance and startup experience in end-to-end design, development, and management for organizations of all sizes and startups at any stage
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Hands-on development

Your first fully-operational MVP designed, developed and delivered in just 90 days.
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Scalable infrastructure

We lay out the ultimate infrastructure to deliver your project and create new features & products as you grow.
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Effective recruiting

Ready for an in-house tech team? We help you find the right people with the right skills.
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Comprehensive knowledge base

A customized knowledge base of every “read me” and “how to” to ensure fast, easy and effective onboarding.
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Meet your Co-Pilots

Founded by software architects with 20+ years of experience in the startup world

Dorian Copitt

Chief Executive Officer

A veteran business maestro. Dorian reigns as the mighty CEO of Supreme Group after previously serving as the CEO of Primero, Landora, Café Rothschild and Barmaster. Dorian leads HubCapp with his vast directive expertise, exceptional managing abilities and an uncanny sense for recognizing what companies & clients hunger for.

Dor Kleiman

Managing Director

The back-end genius and beating heart of Startup Booster. Dor is your infrastructure and DevOps guy with a penchant for speed and an obsession with weeding out those dud processes that slow down developers. The only thing stronger than Dor's fascination with a perfectly formed code is his devotion to his workers.

Alon Valadji

Chief Technology Officer

The front-end brains working alongside Dor, Alon is a leading software architect well-versed in Rozansky and Woods’ architectural methodologies. As a full-cycle JavaScript and web architecture torchbearer, Alon will break up your development tasks into modular components and deliver results at record speed.

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