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Hands-on development

We are committed to bringing any project in need of an extra set of hands to MVP and beyond while navigating a smooth, unusually fast path. We provide force-multiplying resources to organizations of all shapes and sizes, as well as help newly born startups get off the ground. Our specialty is creating the perfect development environment for engineers to rapidly pump out features.


Scalable infrastructure

A scalable, stress-tested infrastructure is the very foundation for growth - we'll lay out (or help you come up with) the ultimate infrastructure to deliver your project and support it as it grows, so you could easily create new features and ship them faster. Once delivered, you’ll be able to easily maintain your ship and create new features & products as you grow.


Effective recruiting

Captains steer the wheel better with top-notch crew aboard the ship - and we'll make sure that the right people with the right skills are there beside you. We'll integrate talent into your team by helping you spot the right candidates, train your current & future employees and offer our hands-on expertise as long as you may need it. Development, UX, product, cloud & DevOps infrastructures - name your needs and we'll dedicate our finest professionals to give them all the boost they require.


Comprehensive knowledge base

We don't just settle for successful delivery. Replicate results and build on them for the future with a customized knowledge base of every “read me” and “how to” that we will create for you, so that any current or future employee could rely on it for fast, easy and effective onboarding. It’s the perfect tool to help onboard new developers into the project quickly and acts as a reference point for those who have already made the journey.

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