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Led by veterans of the startup ecosystem who decided to pool the vast knowledge accumulated over two decades of experience to provide force-multiplying resources to organizations of all shapes and sizes, as well as help newly born startups get on their feet. We've found all startups have similar technological paths when they're getting started.
We took this path and narrowed it down to a science.
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The first few months of any startup are rough. Technologically, you have a lot of decisions to make that have a long-term impact on your software; you need to create good quality software, but as you're probably not funded yet, you also need to keep very tight control over development costs. Walking the right path is sometimes all that makes the difference between a startup soaring or sinking.We know where the right path is, and we can lead you there.

The fire beneath the missile

Top developers with an unmatched track record of startup success

Dorian Copitt

Chief Executive Officer

A veteran business maestro. Dorian reigns as the mighty CEO of Supreme Group after previously serving as the CEO of Primero, Landora, Café Rothschild and Barmaster. Dorian leads HubCapp with his vast directive expertise, exceptional managing abilities and an uncanny sense for recognizing what companies & clients hunger for.

Dor Kleiman

Managing Director

The back-end genius and beating heart of Startup Booster. Dor is your infrastructure and DevOps guy with a penchant for speed and an obsession with weeding out those dud processes that slow down developers. The only thing stronger than Dor's fascination with a perfectly formed code is his devotion to his workers.

Alon Valadji

Chief Technology Officer

The front-end brains working alongside Dor, Alon is a leading software architect well-versed in Rozansky and Woods’ architectural methodologies. As a full-cycle JavaScript and web architecture torchbearer, Alon will break up your development tasks into modular components and deliver results at record speed.

Tomer Valadji

Chief Operations Officer

An expert product and startup evangelist. As the COO, Tomer's plethora of skills keeps HubCapp grounded and thriving all at once. Tomer is experienced in product and project management, customer relations, customer success, business operations and business strategy - which makes him the ultimate backbone any organization could ask for (no, you can't have him).

Motti Dadison

Director of DevOps

Name a technology - Motti has probably already touched it. Motti's deep understanding of architecture both in terms of infrastructure and product, vast experience and systemic vision of the DevOps & CI worlds allows him to lead E2E projects while motivating other groups to reach their goal. Motti loves learning new technologies and is just as passionate about teaching them.

Daniel Alter

Director of User Experience

Daniel is a consummate designer who's committed to providing intuitive, useful and appealing user experiences. He has a rich, demonstrated experience designing for startups and bringing them for an idea to Series A and beyond. His supplementary background in business and development provides him with a broader perspective on the user experiences and ensures its seamless scalability as the startup grows.

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